WATCH: New Ad Highlights Bice’s Support for Abolishing ACA, Replacing Insurance with Savings Accounts

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – On Sunday, October 18, Congresswoman Kendra Horn’s campaign released a new ad highlighting State Senator Bice’s support for abolishing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Bice’s extreme position on eliminating health insurance and relying solely on health savings accounts. The proposal would leave hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans without insurance in the midst of the pandemic and make care unaffordable for everyone except the wealthiest Americans.

Watch: New Ad Highlights Bice’s Extreme Position on Health Care

The Affordable Care Act currently insures 158,OOO Oklahomans through the ACA marketplace. 7O6,OOO Oklahomans living with pre-existing conditions are able to access health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act’s protections. And next year, 2OO,OOO more Oklahomans will gain insurance because of Medicaid expansion, which voters in the 5th Congressional District supported by an overwhelming margin. Bice was also a vocal opponent of Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma.

In an interview with the Oklahoman this week, State Sen. Stephanie Bice doubled down on repealing the Affordable Care Act and offered her alternative proposal: providing health savings accounts instead of insurance. Oklahoman reporter Chris Casteel replied that for low-income families, a savings account would not be enough to cover the cost of lifesaving care.

Oklahoma is already ranked 49th in the nation for its high share of uninsured residents, second only to Texas.