Vote in Person On Election Day

ALERT: Despite continuing power outages, voting will continue as scheduled at all designated polling places. Find your polling place at

If you find that your polling place doesn’t have power, please call 4O5-367-6O54 to let us know.

When: Tuesday, November 3rd, 7:OO am – 7:OO pm

You can cast your ballot anytime between 7:OO a.m. and 7 p.m. As long as you’re in line by 7:OO p.m., you’ll be able to cast your vote.

Where: Your designated polling place

You can find your polling place using the OK Voter Portal. Enter your name and date of birth, and then under “Voter Information,” click “Your Polling Place.” You can only cast your vote at your designated polling place.

How: Just bring a valid ID

Don’t forget to bring your voter registration card or ID (driver’s license, military or tribal ID). Make sure your ID doesn’t expire before or on November 3rd.

If you cannot provide proof of identity or if your polling place cannot find your registration in their records, you may request a provisional ballot. You will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that you are who you say you are. Your ballot will be counted if the information you provided matches your voter registration records.

Before requesting a provisional ballot, please double check the OK Voter Portal, or call us or your county election board to confirm that you’re at the correct polling place. Your ballot will only count if you vote at the polling place assigned to you by the State Election Board.

If you believe you have been unjustly denied the right to vote, or have witnessed voter intimidation, call our hotline at 4O5-367-6O54 or register a complaint with ACLU Oklahoma at 4O5-525-3831.