Three Debates, Three Wins for Kendra Horn

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – On Tuesday night, Congresswoman Kendra Horn (OK-5) and her opponent, State Senator Stephanie Bice, participated in the final debate in the race for Oklahoma’s Fifth Congressional District. The debate can be streamed here.

“There was only one candidate on the stage tonight who was willing to talk about the issues and how they’re working to heal the partisan divide. It was Kendra Horn,” said Campaign Manager Ward Curtin. “Senator Bice was all politics, it was all she could talk about. When it came to the issues that really matter – like what we’re going to do about health care and how we’re going to protect people with pre-existing conditions – it was Kendra who brought the substance and bipartisan ideas to the table. Kendra was the only one to talk about her ideas for helping teachers and students during this pandemic and who’s committed to keeping public dollars in public schools. Viewers could tell, Kendra is the one in this race who’s willing to put politics aside to get the job done for Oklahoma.”