The Oklahoman and News 9 Fact Checkers Confirm Bice Voted to Slash Police Budgets

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Following this week’s News 9 Debate between Congresswoman Kendra Horn (OK-5) and State Senator Stephanie Bice, both News 9 and the Oklahoman fact checked Stephanie Bice, both finding that Bice voted to cut funding for public safety by more than $9 million. 

According to the Oklahoman

“The budget approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature this year included a 9% reduction to the Department of Public Safety, which was about $9.1 million, according to budget documents from the Legislature. Bice voted for the budget and then voted to override Gov. Kevin Stitt’s veto of the budget.

Maj. Brent Sugg, chief of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, told The Oklahoman this summer that the budget cuts meant the cancellation of a trooper academy at a time when many current troopers are eligible to retire.”

The debate between Congresswoman Horn and State Senator Bice aired on Wednesday, October 14. Watch video of the full debate here. The candidates discuss Bice’s cuts to police funding, including Bice denying them at (37:36).

In contrast, while in Congress, Congresswoman Horn introduced legislation that would provide additional funding for police training to help law enforcement recognize, de-escalate, and appropriately respond to individuals in a mental health crisis. Horn’s bill is endorsed by organizations ranging from the National Fraternal Order of Police to Oklahoma City Black Lives Matter. Sen. Inhofe is sponsoring the companion to Horn’s bill in the Senate.