Oklahomans Speak Out Against Bice’s Radical Health Care Proposal

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Hundreds of Oklahomans have taken to Twitter to voice outrage over State Sen. Stephanie Bice’s radical proposal to abolish the Affordable Care Act and replace insurance with health savings accounts. Oklahomans—especially those with preexisting conditions—are talking about the high cost of prescriptions and medical care, explaining that they are only able to make ends meet thanks to the ACA, and are deeply concerned about the radical proposal to replace insurance with health savings accounts. 

The Affordable Care Act currently insures 158,OOO Oklahomans through the ACA marketplace. 7O6,OOO Oklahomans living with pre-existing conditions are able to access health insurance because of the Affordable Care Act’s protections. And next year, 2OO,OOO more Oklahomans will gain insurance because of Medicaid expansion, which voters in the 5th Congressional District supported by an overwhelming margin. Bice was also a vocal opponent of Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma.

More tweets can be found here and below. Voters from Oklahoma’s Fifth District are also available for interview to discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on their lives, especially the importance of insurance and protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and how replacing insurance with health savings accounts would prevent them from getting the health care they need. To speak with voters, please email Chris MacKenzie at [email protected].