Veterans and Military

“We owe a debt to the men and women in uniform who faithfully serve our country. We must repay our veterans, service members, and military families not only with our words, but with our actions.”

– Kendra Horn


  • Kendra led passage of the Tenant’s Bill of Rights to improve on-base military housing for service members and military families at Tinker AFB and nationwide.
  • This year, Kendra introduced the Military HOMES Act to improve on-base housing conditions and oversight, building on the Tenant’s Bill of Rights.
  • Kendra secured a 3.1 percent pay raise for active military, the largest raise in a decade.
  • Kendra introduced veterans justice legislation to assist veterans with reintegration in their community and to prevent their entry into the criminal justice system.

Our service members, veterans, and military families have put everything on the line for our country. As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Kendra is fighting for them to ensure they receive the pay, benefits, and recognition they deserve for their service.

During her first town hall, Kendra heard from a military family about issues of toxic mold and substandard housing at Tinker AFB. Hearing their story, Kendra immediately got to work to find a solution. She spearheaded hearings in the House Armed Services Committee and brought congressional leaders to Oklahoma to tour housing at Tinker. As a part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Kendra and Senator Jim Inhofe worked together to pass a Tenant’s Bill of Rights which provides increased protections for military families, cracks down on contractor fraud, and improves housing maintenance. This year, she introduced the bipartisan Military HOMES Act to strengthen the protections and oversight measures that passed in the Tenant’s Bill of Rights.

Kendra also fought to include the biggest pay raise for service members in a decade as part of the 2O2O NDAA. The bill, which includes a 3.1 percent raise for active military, also makes a historic investment in critical new equipment for our nation’s military, and includes an amendment that Kendra introduced to help JROTC members obtain their pilots license.

Red tape and government bureaucracy are a constant impediment for veterans and military families in need of the benefits they have earned through their service. In Oklahoma, Kendra and her team have helped over 1OO veterans resolve cases with the VA, returning thousands of dollars to Oklahomans who have served.

This year, Kendra introduced bipartisan legislation to help redirect veterans entering the criminal justice system to Veterans Treatment Courts, which can connect veterans with the resources they need to reintegrate in their communities and prevent re-entry into the criminal justice system.