“Investments in infrastructure not only have the power to rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges, they can create lasting jobs and help American workers compete in a global economy.”

– Kendra Horn


  • Kendra believes it’s time for the United States to close the digital divide and bring high-speed internet to every family, regardless of their ZIP code.
  • Kendra is fighting for an investment in domestic American supply chains that would protect our country from another wave of the pandemic.
  • Kendra voted to pass a historic $1OO billion investment in our nation’s health care infrastructure.
  • Kendra supported passage of the Moving Forward Act, a sweeping infrastructure bill that would invest in rebuilding America’s highways, bridges, transit, energy infrastructure, high-speed internet access, and more.

According to the most recent Infrastructure Report Card from the American Society of Civil Engineers, our country needs to spend $3.6 trillion to repair our crumbling roads, rails, pipes, and power grids — all because of deferred maintenance and poor investment. 

It’s time for Washington to take our crumbling infrastructure seriously, but the biggest hurdle to making gains is partisan politics. Kendra has fought to find common ground, bringing lawmakers from both parties together in support of plans to fund investments in broadband infrastructure and to create domestic American supply chains that would help our nation weather another wave of the pandemic.

In the House, Kendra fought to pass the MAPS Act and the Broadband DATA Act, bills which together would update the national broadband map and ensure that the FCC is allocating infrastructure funds to the rural, tribal, and underserved areas that need them most. This year, the president signed this legislation into law.

Kendra has also led a bipartisan effort to refocus Congress on passing comprehensive and bipartisan infrastructure legislation. Kendra believes the President and Congress should work together to address key areas infrastructure needs to be improved including modernizing funding and revenue sources, encouraging innovation, regulatory streamlining and public-private partnerships.

During her first term, Kendra helped to save a local bridge in Jones which connected the community with its middle school. In the wake of significant flooding and storm damage in Central Oklahoma last May, Kendra worked with the Army Corps of Engineers and local leaders to save the Wilshire Blvd Bridge from washing out.