Fixing our Broken Politics

“I know we have more that unites than divides us. In Congress, I strive to be a voice for all Oklahomans. That means standing up to both parties when they’re wrong and reaching across the aisle to create bipartisan solutions.”

– Kendra Horn


  • Kendra is a leader on the No Budget No Pay Act, a bill which would prevent Congress from receiving their salary if they fail to pass a budget.
  • After hosting hundreds of meetings and dozens of public town halls, Kendra was recognized as one of the most accessible first-term members of Congress.
  • Kendra is fighting to stop dark-money groups influencing our elections by requiring them to disclose their donors.
  • Kendra led a bipartisan coalition working to include budget reforms in stimulus legislation. 

Kendra believes in a government of, by, and for the people. In Congress, she has made it a top priority to connect with all Oklahomans in the Fifth District by hosting a record number of town halls. She was recognized by the Town Hall Project as one of the most accessible first-term members of Congress. During the pandemic, Kendra has hosted even more public events, including weekly town halls online to answer questions and update constituents.

Kendra is working to ensure that any stimulus legislation is timely, targeted, and transparent, what she calls the three T’s of good government. She voted to send PPE to health care workers, provide relief for small businesses, and help workers who lost their jobs. But when her party proposed the most expensive stimulus bill in American history that wasn’t timely, targeted and transparent, Kendra stood up to leadership and voted no. 

Kendra believes that if Members of Congress want to get paid, they should do their jobs by showing up and passing a budget. That’s why she is a leader on the No Budget No Pay Act, a bill that would prevent House and Senate members from receiving their salary if they miss annual deadlines for budget and appropriations bills. Kendra also called out congressional leadership during the pandemic for not bringing Members of Congress back to the Capitol sooner to vote on relief measures.

Kendra also voted to pass historic legislation to get dark money out of politics. The anti-corruption, pro-democracy bill which passed in the House would require the disclosure of dark-money spending in elections, end partisan gerrymandering, and strengthen ethics requirements, including a prohibition on Members of Congress using taxpayer money to settle sexual harassment claims.