“I’m proud Oklahoma is an energy state. We produce affordable energy that’s essential to power homes and businesses, create jobs, protect our national security, and ensure our nation’s energy independence.”

– Kendra Horn


  • Kendra stood up to her party to oppose a federal fracking ban
  • Kendra led the fight in Congress to increase investments in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when energy markets experienced a downturn earlier this year
  • Kendra called on the Administration to investigate Saudi Arabia’s oil dumping practices and the impact on the U.S. oil and gas industry
  • Kendra worked across the aisle to pass the President’s USMCA trade deal

Kendra Horn knows that Oklahoma’s oil and gas workers have been on the frontlines of this pandemic, powering our nation’s hospitals and our economy. Every vote she takes, she puts Oklahoma and Oklahoma jobs first.

Kendra believes that a sustainable future requires an all-of-the-above approach, including oil and gas to power our economy and move our country forward. That’s why when oil prices plunged earlier this year, she helped introduce bipartisan legislation to invest in the industry, funding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to boost prices.

Kendra worked across the aisle to pass the President’s USMCA trade deal, which locked in zero-tariff trade on energy products, facilitated the movement of hydrocarbons by pipeline, and streamlined regulations for natural gas exports. She also called for the Administration to investigate Saudi Arabia’s illegal oil dumping practices.

When leaders in her party proposed a federal ban on fracking, Kendra stood up and opposed it. She also voted against expanded offshore drilling outside coastal states like California to help protect Oklahoma businesses, and she voted to protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge because there isn’t a single Oklahoma company that pursues oil wells there.

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