Physically Incapacitated Absentee Ballot

To request your ballot, visit the OK Voter Portal

If you’re physically incapacitated or care for a physically incapacitated person, you will receive this ballot, with a pink affidavit.

Physically Incapacitated Ballot for the 2020 General Election

Step 1: Fill out your ballot

Fill out your ballot with a black or blue ink pen, and seal it in the Ballots Envelope.

If you cannot fill out your own ballot, an assistant may do it for you.

Place the Ballots Envelope inside the Affidavit Envelope, then seal it.

Step 2: Verify your ballot

You can either 1) have two individuals witness your ballot or 2) attach a photocopy of a valid photo ID.

Option 1: Get two witnesses’ signatures

Print your name, sign, and date your Affidavit Envelope.

Have each witness sign and print their name and address on the Affidavit Envelope.

If you can’t fill out your own Affidavit Envelope or sign your name, an assistant may do it on your behalf. You can also make a mark in place of your signature.

Option 2: Attach a photocopy of ID

Print your name, sign, and date your Affidavit Envelope. Then, use tape or a paper clip to attach a copy of the front side of your ID.

Valid photo ID options include an OK driver’s license, U.S. passport, voter registration card, military or tribal ID.

Libraries will photocopy your ID for free.

Note that you cannot use an ID that expires before November 3rd.

Step 3: Return your ballot

Seal the Affidavit Envelope inside the Return Envelope. Then, place 2 stamps on the Return Envelope and mail it in A.S.A.P. The post office recommends voters in Oklahoma mail their ballot by Tuesday, October 27th.

Note that a physically incapacitated ballot may not be returned in person.