Kendra Horn for US Senate

Meet Kendra

Born and raised in Chickasha, Kendra is a fifth generation Oklahoman and a proud product of Oklahoma Public Schools. Kendra’s parents taught her the importance of investing in people and serving her community, values that continue to guide her today. A big-picture visionary with the ability to drill down into the details, Kendra passionately believes in public service, and is committed to building bridges, speaking truth to power, and finding solutions to our most challenging problems.

In 2018, Kendra won the biggest upset victory of the midterm election cycle with a campaign that many considered a moonshot. In an R +11 district held by Republicans for 44 years, she led an insurgent campaign focused on connecting with voters on issues such as health care and education. With her election to Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, Kendra became the first Democratic woman to represent Oklahoma in Congress.

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