Kendra Horn, Congresswoman for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District

Standing Up For Oklahoma

Meet Kendra

A 5th generation Oklahoman, Kendra’s parents taught her the importance of investing in people and serving her community, values that continue to guide her today. Kendra holds a passionate belief that more people need to get involved in community leadership, including women.

Her professional background includes running two nonprofits focused on developing leadership skills and encouraging women to run for public office. Kendra has also worked in the aerospace industry, Oklahoma’s second largest public sector employer. She brings a deep understanding of how government should work and, as an attorney and mediator, has experience bringing people with differing opinions together. Kendra knows we must stop the partisanship and politics that hurt working families and do what’s right for a change. She will be a strong voice for Oklahoma families, working to build bridges and find solutions to our most challenging problems. Kendra will bring common sense leadership to Congress and make government start working for Oklahomans and not against them.

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